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Let's Go Flying!

Types of Flights

We serve two types wine tasting flights; the Heavenly Flight and the Quick Flight. The wines included in each taste are listed below under out Flight List 

Heavenly Flight

Our Heavenly Flight allows you to taste each of our  available wine and includes crackers, our Fresh Crush Vineyard Jelly, Baby Bell cheese and Ghiradelli chocolate so that you can enjoy complementing your palette

Quick Flight

The Quick Flight include a taste of each of our available wines with crackers and our Fresh Crush Vineyard Jelly 

Our Flight List

All Wines Subject to Change without notice

Our Wines

The insanity of it all!

Nobody in their right mind would willingly invest ALL of their money and free time to create a bottle of wine. Suffice to say--we are not in our right mind! We are passionate about what we do and believe strongly in the importance of sustainable agriculture; what we call an "Agri-Culture"! 

Good Beginnings

It all begins in the soil and the structure. Great grapes must have a strong foundation. The steps involved in obtaining a rich harvest are back breaking, heat stroke inducing and sometimes totally frustrating but when it comes to harvest day...everything was worth it!

The Wine

Patience, patience, patience...

The making of the wine cannot be rushed. The juice must be lovingly nurtured, sometimes for years, before it's ready. Ahh... but when it is...all of the sweat, money and exhaustion is worth it.