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The Animals that Rescued Us!

Miss Ginger


Ginger is a SURI  and she is the BOSS! he keeps all of the other alpacas and goats in line! 

She is very shy and rarely allows humans to get close. 

Her fiber is silky, without crimp and clings together, “pencil like’ locks. 

Miss MaryAnn


MaryAnn is Gilligans mother and she is a HUACAYA. She is more shy than Gilligan but can usually be coaxed into a treat or two.

Both MaryAnn and Gilligan's fiber  is short, dense, and crimpy, ‘teddy bear like’. 



Gilligan, also a HUACAYA is a ham and LOVES attention! A very friendly boy who enjoys showing off for young and old alike!



What can one say?! He loves, loves, loves to eat! He bullies, pushes and headbutts to get to the front of the line! No diets for this boy, he's "dyin to try it!"



Typical middle child! He always wants what everyone else has! But so incredibly lovable and playful!



O'Doyle came to us after being arrested for eating the median flowers in El Cajon.  He's a real misfit and struggles with being a goat..he thinks he's a dog and the other goats bully him